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Local Movers in Worcester, MA

Located in the Greater Boston area, Isaac’s Moving is a local moving company with nearly three decades of experience in the industry. With our solutions and services, we can ensure an efficient and painless experience for you.

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Our  local independent Boston-based moving company services a wide variety of other neighborhoods in and around the Boston area.  Isaac’s offers comprehensive services including Local and Domestic MovingStorage Services Corporate Relocation and Boston Packing and Moving Supplies.

About Worcester, MA

Worcester doubles as both a city and the administrative center of Worcester County in Massachusetts. The city was named after Worcester, Worcestershire, in England. Geographically, Worcester is close to the center of Massachusetts and has its nickname as Heart of the Commonwealth.

The city’s government consists of an elected Mayor, 11 council members, and a city manager. The estimated 38.45 square miles area is residence to over 206,000, making it second to Boston in the most populous city in New England. The region attracts many immigrants, hence the characteristic diverse ethnicity. The municipality held much importance to the American Industrial Revolution of the 1770s.


Understandably, Worcester has an advanced educational system. That is evident in its 34 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, and twice as much high school. Additionally, there are eight distinct colleges and universities. 

Public Transit

Likewise, the transport system is developed, consisting of taxis, buses, trains, and airplanes. The city holds modern facilities like gyms, pools, restaurants, and many more.

Job Market

Meanwhile, the city fares well economically, having several industries across various spheres like technology, manufacturing, and many more. The per capita income is $29,316, and the average cost of living is 16.7% higher than the national average. 

Overall, Worcester’s history, urban lifestyle, cultural diversity, and relatively low average housing prices make it a perfect place for settlement. 

What we Offer

  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Friendly and professional movers and packers who care
  • Short and long term storage options
  • Packing materials and free box delivery
  • Specialty moves – piano’s, artwork, heavy items, delicate items and more
  • Special help for seniors
  • Moving advice and resources

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