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How to Save Money While Moving

After 30 years as a trusted moving company, the professionals at Isaac’s Moving & Storage have learned some valuable tips to help you save money during a move.

1) Sell items you don’t want to keep

Hold a garage sale or yard sale. If there are plenty of things you’re getting rid of, there could be a chance of you making money from selling these items to the locals in the neighborhood. If you don’t like the idea of selling your things this way then you can try an online marketplace.

If you think that any items you are willing to part with are of any value be careful not to just give it away before checking it’s value. Have these items “appraised” to determine the appropriate value.

If you are donating anything to charity instead of selling it when moving out of your home, remember to ask for receipts so you can file it with your federal income tax deductions.

2) Comparison shop for technology service providers

If your telephone, internet and cable service provider is likely to change when moving to another state, should call the provider sooner rather than later. See what deals they have and also shop around by different providers and see which one suits your needs. You can also ask for recommendations in local chat boards or Facebook groups.

3) Consider downsizing after the move

It may seem counter intuitive – why would you pay to move items you might end up getting rid of anyway? If you are downsizing and moving into a smaller home there is always a temptation to give away furniture you may think you would not need, but it might make sense to wait before you do. This can avoid getting  to your new home and seeing that you could have used some of your old things, forcing you have to go out and buy new ones.

4) Make arrangements to obtain your security deposit

If you are moving out of an apartment where you paid a security deposit contact your landlord well in advance to arrange for it to be paid back to you. If you think there was any damage done that could compromise your security deposit, make sure you try to get it fixed ahead of time. Typically any small damage that may have occurred while you were living in the apartment will cost less to fix than your security deposit.

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