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How to Pack Books and Files

If you have files, documents, and books that are part of your move, then it’s important to make sure that you’ve got the right box for them as well as the necessary packing guidelines. As a long distance moving company, Isaac’s Moving and Storage recommends the following tips and pointers:…

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Checklist for moving into a new home

Guess what is one of the top three causes of stress? Yes, you got it – moving to a new house! Luckily, we are a reputable and professional moving company who can eliminate all the potential problems when organizing a local move. Packing up all your possessions, the kids’ bedrooms…

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Moving to or from Israel: tips for moving out of the country

Are you moving to another country? Wow, that is so exciting! But with the excitement comes a certain amount of trepidation and feelings of nervousness. How do you organize such a momentous move? Where do you start? How do you start? We would suggest that you call an international moving…

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International Relocation – Who Is Responsible For What

An international relocation is exciting! It is also a little daunting because it is such a complex operation. This is why it is essential to make use of a reputable and experienced international moving company who can oversee all aspects of your relocation, ensuring that there are minimal delays and…

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8 Tips for Packing a Garage for Your Move

Of all the areas in a house, the garage probably gives people the most nightmares when it comes to packing for a move. If you’re like most people, your garage is untidy and a ‘dumping ground’ for all sorts of odds and ends. Your local moving company can help you…

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How to Pack: Kitchen items

Time to pack the kitchen? When you’re moving house, the kitchen can be one of the most difficult and time consuming rooms to organize and pack, because it contains a multitude of small, medium and large items – not to mention lots of breakables. Your local moving company will be…

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5 reasons summer is the best season to move

Are you planning a move? Well, before you set the moving date, give some thought to the time of year. A summer move undoubtedly offers many benefits for both you and your local moving company. Here’s just a few reasons why we think that summer is the best time to…

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Before you move: Essential home decluttering tips

For many people, one of the most overwhelming parts of moving house is facing up to the prospect of decluttering. it’s probably one of the main reasons that you may be putting off your packing, because the thought of sorting through the mess just makes you want to run away.…

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